It is expected that Asia’s natural gas consumption (both civilian and industrial) will grow rapidly in the next decade and ONC Energy’s trading platform will serve a central role in the transactions and distribution of this valuable commodity. ONC Energy Group is working to rapidly scale the commodities platforms and build a rigorous supplementary service offering. The platform will offer numerous transactional products including commodities futures, options, swaps, and other derivatives. Singapore will function as the company’s upstream commodities procurement center leveraging the city’s global energy commodities trading infrastructure.

Liquid Natural Gas

The natural gas mainly comes from Mid-Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, North America and Africa, ONC Energy has the stable access to the overseas gas source through investment cooperation of gas field in countries of origin, terminals as well as that of terminals afloat.

Investment in Natural Gas Industry

M&A of gas field investment Investment cooperation of Liquefaction plants Overseas contract lock price
We take part in the construction of gas field in North America, Mid-Asia, Mid-East, Africa and Australia, and build Liquefaction plants at harbour, in order to gain stable and quality gas source at low price.
Investment of terminals construction and afloat terminals Pilot project of transition between river and ocean
We play a role in constructing land LNG terminals within China, and also the afloat terminals in feasible areas so as to obtain stable and effective window period index, and further conclude LNG trading. Meanwhile, LNG transition of China-Europe railway, river-ocean transition are being experimented, domestic transportation of natural gas is being changed.
M&A of HKEX listed gas corporation Capital market supported Involved in competition of urban gas supply

Trade of Natural Gas

Trade of land liquid natural gas and sea pipeline gas China, the importer
We have professional and elite trading team in Singapore and Hongkong, together with support from the top traders and financial team.
Our sea transportation covers China’s eastern coastal areas, which is included in West-east Natural Gas Transmission Project.
We have stable upstream and downstream, which enables us to obtain and offer 30 million cubic meters of gas or even more.
We conclude extensive industry cooperation, get involved in the whole chain investment, and also obtain stable window period.
Transit trade Sea transport of LNG to Northeast areas
We have stable customers from downstream in Northeast areas, mainly mean Japan and South Korea.
Mature trade modes and diversified hedging tools enable us to know the regional price gap and timing price gap rapidly.
We have good energy trading channels both in Singapore and North America.

Pipeline Natural Gas

Our worldwide cooperation allows us to optimize the imports of natural gas. Strong ties with countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, increase our logistics efficiency through land pipelines. Meanwhile importation of gas through sub-sea pipelines, is realized by means of planning between southeast Asian countries such as Philippines and Chinese cities.


ONC Energy is committed to developing a leading and diverse derivatives marketplace. The company seeks to offer the widest range of natural gas and energy derivatives through its commodities exchanges. The company is committed to developing a comprehensive service offering to enhance the development trajectory of Asia-Pacific enterprises.